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Use our world-class design canvas to help capture your business context and democratize data.

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Building a question in Kobai Studio.Screen of Kobai Studio showing the relations between company domains.Viewing a question in Kobai Studio.

Studio Features

Our collaborative editor provides a quick and easy way to crowdsource business context, map it to different data inputs and publish the outputs as visual cards for all users.

Kobai User Interface abstraction.Abstract representation of Kobai Studio

Get there Iteratively...

Build your foundation on expertise.

Making the best decisions requires full business context and dependencies. Crowdsource the knowledge and expertise of the subject matter experts across your company.

Kobai lets you start immediately, get value quickly, and iterate for the future without reinventing what you are already doing.

Decisions Icon

Start with a decision or action to be taken and list the questions you need to answer.

Draw a knowledge model like you are explaining yourself on a whiteboard, creating reusable templates.

Modeling Icon
Questions Icon

Define your first few questions based on the knowledge model you just drew.

Connect data to this model to bring it alive, just enough to power the initial questions. This data wiring is reusable and incremental.

Connecting Data Icon
Publish Icon

Quickly “Publish” with our built-in card visuals, or as an API for integration with the rest of your business.

Use Case

Build your codeless Data Fabric

Integrate all your data into dynamic, reusable contextual knowledge graph models at scale. Govern access and provide complete traceability and trust on data.
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Full integration to data sources

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Getting Started

Business Context

Contextualize your business model and build your Digital Threads. Capture the concepts that matter to your business operators using built-in models or create your own with our intuitive visual modeling interface.

Build your questions

Decisions are driven by questions. Kobai puts the power to answer key business questions into the hands of the people who asked them in the first place. Configure questions and answers in minutes... speed up your decision making.

Map only required data

Make data modeling and ETL obsolete. Use Kobai's simple UI to map just enough data to answer the business questions at hand. Schema-less integration across OT and IT sources.

Publish Visual cards / APIs

Introduce the concept of social sharing via cards. Publish your answers as visual cards and let others in your organization easily find them and crowdsource new ones. Also publish APIs to integrate with other business systems.

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