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Human Resources

Understanding the Value

Unify the business needs of your organization with your workforce data to hire and retain the right skills and contribute to employee growth.

In today’s tight labor market many HR organizations are struggling to find new resources while also trying to limit the turnover of existing staff and ensuring that they have a sufficient skills pool to meet the demands of their business partners. Simple questions such as “Are we hiring fast enough?”, “Are we hiring the right people?”, or “Where are the gaps in our resourcing?” require a time-intensive, often manual, effort of stitching together data from multiple enterprise systems and even spreadsheets. Kobai’s ability to model an organization’s complete resource landscape from their existing workforce (including their skills, diversity, etc.) to their prospective candidates allows HR teams to quickly provide effective answers to their business partners, increase employee engagement, and reduce employee turnover. 

Obtain a holistic view of your workforce

Which departments are most successful and what are their key differentiators? Are you meeting your diversity, inclusion, and equity goals? What is having the most impact on influencing employee engagement? What is driving attrition? Leveraging the power of Kobai’s knowledge graph, your HR team can quickly build relationships between employees, their feedback, the events they attend and more. With these relationships captured you can then easily create questions and visualizations to obtain insights into complex data that may not have been obvious at first glance.

Understand the skill landscape and drive employee growth

What are the highest demand skills required? Do you have enough resources with these skills? Are the people with these skills located in the right geographical region? What are the characteristics for employees who have been successful in obtaining these skills? Get started helping your employees grow by providing visibility to the career path options in which they would be most successful. Create an effective succession plan and strategically align your workforce.

Plan for the future

What are the hiring needs going to be 6 months from now? Are there trends that are of concern? Jump start your existing predictive analytics with human knowledge that has been captured through the Kobai platform. Using our simple API interfaces, you can feed your machine learning tools and immediately incorporate the output back into the platform, providing an even deeper layer of visibility into your data.

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