Transform Your Enterprise with a Semantic Layer

Accelerate your AI journey and Decision making

Kobai is the  graph-based semantic metadata layer for business insights built on cloud data platforms.

Enterprise transformation through semantic layer and knowledge graph
all your data
and curate the data
everyone to use the data
Power up
AI insights

Revolutionize Business Operations with Semantics

Drive Into Data Transformation

Kobai’s Semantic Graph Platform empowers you to better manage, organize and curate all your data and provides the best combination of innovative graph technology and intuitive user interface to make working with data simple and easy.

Enrich your data with context and meaning

Boost the usability of your data by infusing it with organizational knowledge.

Get important business insights quickly

Empower your entire organization to easily visualize and consume data, get answers and make decisions quickly.

Ensure scale and trust of your knowledge graph  

Enable your domain experts to easily build their ontology and intelligent data threads with a low friction, codeless interface.

Ready your data for AL/ ML

Accelerate your advanced analytics by reducing data wrangling burden on your data scientists. Integrate with the latest AI and MLOps tools.


Natural language queries drive faster knowledge discovery by enabling non-technical experts to query your data platform.

All Encompassing

Integrate data from all aspects of your business, achieving a level of completeness that would strain a traditional data model.


Experience streamlined knowledge creation without bottlenecks slowing interaction between AI workflows and our cloud-scale graph.


Make data curation investments easier to reuse by making them visible and easily understandable. Maximize the value of data products.


Merge data initiatives into a more valuable whole. Graph relationships future-proof your data platform with more flexibility than a RDBMS.

Semantic Powered

Get more explainable and understandable AI outcomes by augmenting your data with semantic metadata. Context is key.

Case Studies

Operational Excellence

Helping energy companies with better resource planning, fewermandatory onsite visits, increasing overall productivity ofpartners and technical services teams
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Supply Chain Optimization

Helping CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) and FMCG companies with supply chain planning and execution.
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Customer 360

How Kobai's knowledge graph meant 5X more client engagement for a global engineering firm.
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