THE OT/IT DIVIDE making decisions difficult

As 100s of billions of “things” get connected, and the volume of data explodes, making sense of it becomes very difficult. Not having a complete 360 view across your business and its operations can negatively impact your business objectives.

We need Digital Threads to quickly contextualize your OT/IT data, collaborate across teams, be dynamic to changing business conditions, govern access, deliver analytics, and scale to meet future business needs.

our mission

Enable Quick and Easy Decision Making, using Digital Threads that Contextualize and align Business Objectives to data.

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Decision Studio

Use Kobai's Decision Studio to drive Operational Decisions across your business.

Screens from a computer showing Decision Studio solutions of cards and decision threads.

Core functionalities

  • Quickly get answers in minutes
  • Dynamically adjust to business conditions
  • Scale to enterprise level, 100% reuse & repeat
  • Securely govern access to data
  • Self-service to reduce TCO


resource reduction


cost reduction


time savings



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getting started

Business Context

Contextualize your business model and build your Digital Threads. Capture the concepts that matter to your business operators using built-in models or create your own with our intuitive visual modeling interface.

Build your questions

Decisions are driven by questions. Kobai puts the power to answer key business questions into the hands of the people who asked them in the first place. Configure questions and answers in minutes... speed up your decision making.

Map only required data

Make data modeling and ETL obsolete. Use Kobai's simple UI to map just enough data to answer the business questions at hand. Schema-less integration across OT and IT sources.

Publish Visual cards / APIs

Introduce the concept of social sharing via cards. Publish your answers as visual cards and let others in your organization easily find them and crowdsource new ones. Also publish APIs to integrate with other business systems.


A business user is running simulations on multiple screens.
Create What-If scenarios by leveraging your business contextual relationships.

Data Science

Kobai allows data science experts to connect multiple sources and run analysis through questions and cards.
Close the AI loop. Drive input arguments and feed output towards business decisions.


Decision Studioi allows users to interact and work from different points of view without duplicating efforts.
Pin and share visual cards. Drive future work concept of knowledge sharing.


Data classification, and tag based access permissions ensure your information is always protected.
Tag based classification and protection. Give access to data when needed and by whom.

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