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How are we changing the established?

Get a 360º view of your operations landscape and improve your organizations operational resiliency.

As companies look to advance their digital transformation they are looking to gain new insights into the use and availability of their equipment. Operational teams are using data and analytics to reduce the risk to critical operations due to the failure or unavailability of their enterprise assets. Leveraging the power of knowledge graphs, Kobai allows your organization to instantly see how your assets are connected, which business functions they support, identify potential risks and improve operational resiliency.

Equipment performance

Seamlessly integrate data from your IT (informational technology) and OT (operational technology) systems to create a holistic view of your equipment. Is there an asset not performing as expected? Visually traverse along digital threads that have been created within the Kobai platform to drill down and identify root causes. Once identified, incorporate equipment history to make an informed decision whether to repair or replace.

Parts inventory

Is there a need to replace a piece of equipment? Quickly scan your inventory to identify asset availability for parts replacement. Have the status and location of all assets at your fingertips, allowing you to quickly determine which one to ship and minimize potential operational downtime.


Ensure that you have the right skills in the right places. Tie together the skills, certifications, and geographical location of your service workforce with the equipment work orders. Incorporate predictive analytics to identify upcoming service needs and have more certainty for how much time service and repairs will take.

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